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Managing commercial buildings? You must manage asbestos

There are still a lot of buildings in Australia that have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). The laws required that ACMs, in a living or work space, are identified to ensure everyone’s safety. If a building is likely to contain fibrous materials, the property manager or owner has a responsibility to ensure that the materials are well-documented.

An asbestos management plan is the first step for managing asbestos in your property.

Basically, the employer, main contractor or self-employed person to the building owner and property manager is responsible for documenting the asbestos location. A document that contains information about the presence and location of ACMs needs to be made available to anyone who enters the workplace so that they can take relevant precautions.

Geelong asbestos management plan

Do not let your company get fined because you are failing to identify the presence and location of asbestos material in your properties. Although asbestos products do not pose a risk to health if they are left undisturbed. However, there is a serious risk of exposure to fibres if ACMs are disturbed. This is why basic safety precautions need to be followed.

If employees develop a disease or showing symptoms from fibre exposure while working at your building, they will be eligible to claim compensation fees from you. You may risk yourself a penalty as well from the national or local regulation body.

Thus, if you own a commercial building or a workplace and you want to create a management plan, get in touch with us today!

List of Sections

  1. Stay safe, create an AMP
  2. Why trust your AMP to our members?
  3. Steps to develop an excellent AMP

Stay safe, create an AMP

Unfortunately, Australia has one of the highest rates of fibre-related diseases in the world. It makes the rules and regulations about asbestos are strict. If you have a building or a workplace, in accordance with the regulations, you have to own an AMP.

1. Preventing your properties value to drop

If your building has damaged ACMs, then it is for sure your building value will be decreased. Moreover, the property can no longer be rented out or current tenants need to vacate for a period.

Having an AMP is one thing you can do to prevent your building from losing its real value.

Having an AMP means that you can identify which parts of your building are contaminated by ACMs and which parts are not. When the ACMs are in good condition, you can leave them alone. However, when they’re damaged, you need to do risk assessments to know what to do with the damaged materials.

You should hire a qualified consultant or contractors, who are trained properly. Besides developing the plan, the contractors you hire may also conduct a routine air sampling or building inspections to ensure that no fibrous materials are released into the air.

Note: As friable fibres may impact your property value, so it is the best to do a removal work!

2. Failing to identify fibres in your building will get you fined

As the government has strict regulations about ACMs, a misconduct will lead to huge amount of fines and in some cases, also jail times.

The laws require a property owner or manager to keep an ACM register in properties that may contain fibres. You also need to place warning signage around the contaminated area. Damaged materials should be removed from your building and you are recommended to hire a licensed removalist to do the removal jobs.

The Victorian state also has regulations about the proper way to remove ACMs. The regulations are in place to prevent unlicensed removalists putting workers and community lives in danger.

As stated in Victoria State laws about Environment Protection Act 1970, Section 27A, you can get a fine as high as $354,264, plus the daily penalty of 1200 penalty units for each day of the offence continues after conviction.


3. Having a responsible business

A management plan has several purposes:

  • First, to meet legal requirements from the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 (Part 4.3 Asbestos) in relation to identify, assess, and control the risks associated with the presence of fibres in workplaces.
  • Second, it is to identify and describe the administrative lines of responsibility for managing fibrous materials.
  • Third, to outline the responsibilities, procedures, protocols and systems for an effective AMP.
  • And last, to establish a safer approach to the management of other dangerous materials such as synthetic mineral fibre (SMF) and lead-based paint.

asbestos management plan in Geelong business

Why trust your AMP to our members?

An AMP is made to ensure that people who work or visit your property, are not exposed to hazardous materials and are advised accordingly about the presence of fibres. The AMP enables people to avoid fibre exposure by handling the ACMs properly and safely.

In a case when friable fibres are released into the air, a control measure can be adopted fast enough. It is a consistent way to maintain fibrous products in good condition, by identifying their presence and taking all necessary precautions. You should seek help and advice from a certified or licensed contractors to develop the AMP.

Asbestos Watch Geelong will connect you to competent and reliable contractors to create an in-place asbestos management plan Geelong. Our endorsed contractors have worked with various individuals, companies, and government or state agencies and delivered the desired results.

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Our approved contractors offer vast services that are customized to meet your needs and expectations. They strive to deliver high-quality services at a value cost.

Here are reasons why you need to contact our approved members as follow:

  • Our endorsed consultants are reliable and competent: It is important to find a qualified and experienced contractor for all your ACM problems. If you are looking for a competent, experienced and reliable contractor, ours is the best choice you have. They are knowledgeable, have the right certification and have been professionally trained to deliver excellent AMP services. They know how important it is to get the project done on schedule and within your budget.
  • Our members do all jobs with utmost care: Our class-A licensed contractors have a dedicated team of qualified contractors who are experts in creating a comprehensive in-place management program in Geelong. No jobs are too small or too big for them; they take all jobs seriously. They provide fast and accurate services at competitive prices. They are going to prepare a good set of a plan to deliver an accurate and fast result. Your work will always be on-track and finished on-time.
  • Total solutions for clients’ problems: Our approved members deliver “whole-picture solutions”, by starting to understand the challenges of the problems and then provide the solutions. They will take into account every additional factor needed to assure a successful project. They will walk you through each stage of the process and answer every question you have. Their straightforward working practices have made them a preferred choice for creating detailed management plans.

Steps to develop an excellent AMP

Asbestos Watch Geelong will connect you with competent class-A licensed contractors to develop an asbestos management plan Geelong. They will assist you in developing a detailed management plan – at great costs. They may also make an asbestos register that outlines where fibrous materials are likely to be found and what precautions should be taken.

Here are services provided by our approved members:

1. Provide assistance in creating an effective, efficient and practical AMP

A control plan will be prepared, which outlines the procedures in place to prevent contact between building occupants with fibrous materials. The report will outline processes and strategies in the fibre removal and environmental auditing processes used after that.

2. Eliminate the risk of exposure by doing risk assessments

There are several management processes that need to be carefully handled in order for an AMP to succeed in mitigating the risks associated with fibres.

  • Communication management: It is to ensure that those who are working in the building are aware of the risk involved and the need for safety.
  • Site management: It needs good safety protocols to make sure that any contamination and incidents are handled in a correct manner.
  • Adequate equipment: Providing an adequate first aid equipment is also needed to ensure fast transport to the hospital, in a case of emergency.

3. Creating a solid project timeline

The timeline is essential to determine if the project is on-schedule. Our contractors will design an elaborated timeline that clarifies; what the project should deliver within the set time-frame. Our contractors will list all assumed and identified asbestos materials and documented them in an asbestos register. The register will be kept by the property manager and made available for all building occupants.

Our endorsed contractors have relevant knowledge and are skilled in a number of disciplines related to fibrous materials. They will study your property; conduct risk assessments and also creating a comprehensive asbestos management plan Geelong. They can also help you in reviewing your current in-place management program to make it keep up-to-date.

Call one of our endorsed contractors and they will always ready to help you.

For more detailed information and estimation, you can get in touch with our members today. They will be happy to help you and offer a complete quote for your project.

Do not hesitate! Trust your asbestos management plan Geelong to our endorsed contractors!