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Handling Asbestos Materials Safely

When dealing with asbestos materials, your safety is our top priority. This is why Asbestos Watch Geelong is ready to help you achieve excellent outcomes for asbestos-related works. You are just a call away from quality asbestos removal services!

  • We are a competent, professional, and reliable removalist performing the best asbestos removal service for you.
  • Our Remediation Team are highly skilled, experienced, have a valid license and certification to conduct asbestos removal jobs.
  • Our professional staff are committed to providing you with high-quality services while putting your health and safety as our highest priority. 
  • All the works will be carried out within the boundaries required by law.

Our Company regulations ensure that all team members have an accredited licence and are knowledgeable.  With their experience and skills, they will help you with your asbestos removal process – safely and at great prices. They will always perform the job in the safest way.

Do not hesitate! Trust your asbestos removal job to our Asbestos Removal Team. We always strive to meet clients’ needs and expectations. Contact us immediately to get a 100% free quote. We are always ready to help you!

Be Aware of Asbestos

Do you live in Geelong? Do you have asbestos-containing materials in your building? Are you sure that your place is free from asbestos? Beware since asbestos materials are invisible to the naked eye. The fibrous type of asbestos material is known as ‘friable’ and can easily become airborne. This substance is harmful and a proven cause of lung cancers and mesothelioma.

This is why in 2003 the Australian Government banned the distribution of all asbestos products. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of asbestos products installed in Geelong due to their extensive use before the 1990s. Hence, it is best for homeowners to identify the presence of asbestos in their buildings before disturbing by things such as a renovation or general wear and tear.

Free yourself from hazardous asbestos materials

If you live in a building built before 1985, it is highly likely you will find asbestos materials around your building. There are two types of asbestos materials, the bonded asbestos (non-friable) and the loosely bound asbestos (friable). Non-friable products might not be harmful if properly encapsulated, but the loosely bound type is. Its fibre can become airborne easily and can be inhaled.

The areas where asbestos is likely to be located in homes built before 1985 are;

  • Lining under eaves,
  • Corrugated walls,
  • Roof sheeting,
  • Floor tiles,
  • Cement sheeting,
  • Insulation,
  • Lino,
  • Garages

Performing asbestos removal is important. The presence of asbestos can impact your property’s value, risk your health and get you fined. As stated in the regulations and laws of Victoria, asbestos removal jobs should be done by licensed removalists, such as our Geelong Team. Furthermore, we are licensed to carry and dispose of the waste properly.

Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing Geelong. Always be smart and be safe.

Vast Asbestos Removal Geelong Services

Here are services offered by Asbestos Watch Geelong:

  1. Conducting sampling collection

    Asbestos can not be seen by the naked eye. Only an accredited laboratory can analyze fibres for a 100% positive test.

  2. Removing all asbestos materials in your building

    Asbestos may be on your property, from fencing to roofing products. Here are the steps that will be followed by our team members in removing asbestos materials:

    • Step 1 – Containment : Our team will seal off the contaminated room or area to prevent airborne particles from escaping to other areas in the building or to the surrounding environment.
    • Step 2 – Removal : Our licensed removalists will remove the suspected asbestos materials from your building. The materials will be packed and put in sealed bags.
    • Step 3- Vacuuming by HEPA Vacuum suction : Ensuring that no harmful asbestos is left.
    • Step 4 – Air sampling : if required, our team members will perform air sampling to ensure that the level of contamination has been reduced to a minimum.
  3. Transport and dumping the waste in a legal facility

    Following the asbestos removal, our Asbestos Removal Geelong Team will wrap the waste in sealed bags and label as ‘toxic waste’ before it is transported to an EPA approved disposal facility. Our remediation Team will contact the local council to identify and locate the nearest the EPA approved disposal site and ensure that waste is disposed of legally.

Why Contact Asbestos Watch Geelong

It is essential to find trusted and reliable contractors to perform asbestos removal jobs. Our Asbestos Removal Geelong Team is the right asbestos removalist for Asbestos Removal Geelong jobs. Our Asbestos Removal Geelong Team are extensively trained and highly experienced. They are committed to deliver a safe job and meet all client’s needs.

Asbestos Watch Geelong Team removes asbestos material

A safe asbestos removal job is important. Only a certified removalist can perform this task. So, make a wise decision and contact Asbestos Watch Geelong right away. Call us now to request a free quote!

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