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Asbestos still remains a threat in Geelong

Since December 31, 2003, Australia has banned all products containing asbestos throughout Australia. But the ban does not apply to buildings installed before that. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were extensively used in domestic buildings since the 1980s. Thus,  buildings built before 1980 are most likely to contain fibres.

asbestos removal in Geelong Australia

Performing an asbestos removal work is important. The presence of ACMs can impact your property’s value, risk your health and get you fined. As stated in the regulations and laws of Victoria state, fibre removal should be done by licensed removalists. Furthermore, the waste must be disposed of properly.

It is essential to find trusted and reliable contractors to do asbestos removal Geelong works. Asbestos Watch Geelong is the right place to find great, trusted removalists. Our A-Class licensed contractors are extensively trained and highly experienced. They are committed to deliver a safe job and meet all client’s needs.

Our approved members will do the job safely, starting from sample collection to the disposal of hazardous waste legally. Our contractors work in accordance with national, state, and local regulations.


  1. Free yourself  from hazardous fibre materials
  2. Handling fibrous materials safely
  3. Vast asbestos removal Geelong services

The Asbestos Removal Guide in Geelong, Australia

Free yourself from hazardous fibre materials

If you live in building built before 1985, you may find fibrous materials around your building. There are two types of fibre materials, the bonded fibre (non-friable) and the loosely bound fibre (friable). Non-friable products might not be harmful, but the loosely bound type is. It can release airborne fibres and you can inhale those fibres unconsciously.

Continuously inhaling fibres may lead you to several health issues such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. The symptoms might not be apparent immediately since the latency period of these diseases is around 10-50 years.

Read how to do the asbestos testing process in Geelong.

Read more about ACMs by clicking the link below:

If the building you live in now is built before the1980s, then you may take precautions. As you might not realize that after all this time, you live with hazardous materials.

The area where fibre is likely to be located in homes built before 1985 are;

  • lining under paves,
  • corrugated walls,
  • roof sheeting,
  • floor tiles,
  • cement sheeting,
  • insulation,
  • garage

You may spend a lot of time in a garage, doing a work like fixing your car. Sometimes you turn your garage into a showroom or to keep hard tools. Every work you do in the garage may cause damage to the ACMs.

You may drill, put a nail, and hang your work tools on the fibrous walls and unconsciously damage them. When the walls are damaged, toxic fibres can be released and become airborne.

Below you can find some facts about the present of ACMs in Geelong:

Fact #1: ACMs can be damaged easily

Although many countries have banned the use of ACMs, unfortunately, we can find them in some buildings throughout Geelong. They crumble easily, which makes them dangerous for people who live in a contaminated building. The symptoms may not appear immediately as it takes 10 to 50 years to show up. Peak mortality rates are expected between the year 2010 and 2020.

For this reason, alone, it is highly recommended to have your building inspected for asbestos. Do not even think about a DIY attempt. Only experienced professionals can tell whether or not the ACMs in a building started to crumble. Only experts can remove them safely.


Fact #2: They can affect your property’s value

Fibre products can diminish a property value by (as much as) 50 percent. Therefore, a proper financial analysis in essential. If your building is contaminated by friable fibres, it means that the property can no longer be rented out or tenants need to vacate for a period of time until your property is free from fibres.

It is also stated that certain tax deduction may be available for a contaminated property. So, no rental income is collected while interest or loans against the rental property and other expenses such as water and land tax, council rates, may continue to be deductible. If you want to sell the property, then the tax implications will vary depending on your circumstances.

As it may impact your property value, so it is the best to do a removal work.

asbestos can diminish property value

Fact #3: You may get fined if you are failing to identify ACMs in your property

Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos-related diseases in the world. This fact makes the regulation about asbestos is strict. You may get fined if you fail to identify ACMs in your property.

If a building contains ACMs, the property manager or the landlord has a responsibility to ensure that these materials are identified and documented. The laws require the property manager or the landlord to keep an asbestos register in a property that may contain fibres. Moreover, warning signage must also be placed at contaminated locations. Read more asbestos management plan here.

For a non-compliance act, the fine ranges from $720 to $3,600. The fines are there to prevent unlicensed removalists putting workers and the community’s lives in danger.

Asbestos removal Geelong work must be performed by a licensed removalist.


Fact #4: You can get a penalty if you dump ACM waste illegally

Only licensed contractors can perform asbestos removal Geelong works, safely. As the disposal of hazardous waste can not be treated lightly, there are procedures regulate the disposal of ACM waste. It is not a job that can be done by yourself.

As stated in Victoria State laws about Environment Protection Act 1970, Section 27A, you can get a penalty as high as $354,264, plus a daily penalty of 1200 penalty units for each day of the offense continues after conviction. It is clearly, asbestos-related jobs are not something to take lightly.

Asbestos Geelong Watch is ready to help you get connected to trusted removalists. You are just a call away from quality asbestos removal Geelong services!

Handling fibrous materials safely

Your safety is our top priority. This is why we connect all clients with A-Class licensed contractors. Our members are highly skilled, experienced, have a valid license,  certification and specialized in ACM industry. They are committed to deliver quality works and give the desired results to the clients. Our approved removalists will eliminate ACMs from your commercial or residential buildings.

Why contact our members?

  • Our approved members are selectively chosen: Choosing a contractor that you can rely upon is challenging. We make it easy for you to find trusted contractors by endorsing qualified and reliable contractors. Our approved members are selectively chosen for their great skills as well as their professional conduct. They strive to deliver a complete and safe asbestos removal Geelong work.
  • Our approved contractors are highly skilled and experienced: Our endorsed members are highly skilled and experienced. They know how to remove fibre products from your property safely, completely and cleanly. They will give you a clear written action plan that will be only executed with your approval. Our approved contractors work effectively and efficiently.
  • Fully insured: Dealing with airborne fibres is dangerous. Many risks are faced by our members while doing the jobs. Our approved removalists always take precautions when handling the job to keep everyone around them safe when they are working. However, accidents can happen. Our removalists are fully insured so you should no worry about paying additional costs in case of an accident.
  • They are equipped with new and modern equipment for a safe asbestos removal Geelong process: Our endorsed contractors always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety equipment when handling ACMs. They are also equipped with new and modern equipment to maximize efficiency and ensure clients’ safety. Our members are trained in safe and correct techniques when operating equipment to ensure your project is carried out safely and quickly.

Vast asbestos removal Geelong services

Here are services offered by our contractor members:

1. Conducting sampling collection

Fibres can not be seen by naked eyes. The only accredited laboratory can analyze fibres. If you believe that your property has fibrous materials, our removalist will come to your place to do sampling The sample will be brought to an accredited laboratory to do further analysis. They will also conduct a thorough inspection of your building. In case the assessor concludes that there are fibre exposure risks there, they will advise you accordingly.

2. Removing all fibrous materials in your building

They will remove contaminated products in your building, starting from fencing to roofing products. Here are the steps that will be followed by our endorsed members in removing fibrous materials:

  • Step 1 – Containment: Our member will seal off the contaminated room to prevent airborne particles from escaping to other areas in the building or to the surrounding environment.
  • Step 2 – Removal: Our licensed removalists will remove the suspected fibrous materials in your building. The materials will be packed and put in sealed bags.
  • Step 3- Vacuuming: Ensuring that no harmful fibres are left.
  • Step 4 – Air sampling: if required, our members will do air sampling to ensure that the level of contamination has been reduced to a minimum.

3. Transport and dumping the waste in legal landfill

The waste will be wrapped in sealed bags and labeled as ‘toxic waste’ before it is transported to a landfill facility. Our members will contact the local council to identify and locate the nearest legal landfill site and deliver a report to you to ensure that waste was disposed of legally.

Our qualified contractors are competent, professional, and reliable. They are committed to providing you with high-quality services while putting your health and safety as their highest priority.  All the works will be carried out with the provisions of the legal procedure.

They always strive to meet clients’ needs and expectations. Do not hesitate to contact our members to get 100% free quotes. They are always ready to help you!