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Since the late 1800s, friable asbestos products have been commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. They were used as fireproofing, soundproofing and insulation agents in building materials. Houses often have friable asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) since these materials are used extensively in Australia from the mid-1940s until the late 1980s. Removing roof asbestos can be found here.

Fibres are strong, heat resistant and have insulating properties. They are often mixed with other materials, such as cement, to produce a much better building products. Up to 90% of the fibrous materials produced, were used for the manufacture of building products, especially fibrous cement materials.

If you believe that you have ACMs in your house, do not wait!

Contact our endorsed contractors now to do an asbestos testing Geelong work. Our approved contractors have an A-Class certification, they are knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled. They will provide you with high-quality services at competitive costs.

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  1.  Deadly fibres in your private space
  2. Secure your life with asbestos testing Geelong services
  3. Steps to test for deadly fibres

Deadly fibres in your private space

Many houses built before 1990 are most likely to contain fibrous cement materials, especially in the ceilings, internal and external cladding walls, in the eaves (particularly in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry) and fences. So, if your house was built in the mid-1980s-1990s, it is likely that it has asbestos containing products.

Bathroom and kitchen are rooms in a house which most people spent their time at. This is why if your house was built before the 1990s, you should raise your awareness because most likely, your kitchen and bathroom have hazardous fibrous materials.

In a bathroom, toilet and laundry; fibrous products are most likely found in cement sheeting walls, ceilings, floors and backing to wall tiles. So, you are probably surrounded by deadly fibres when you are doing your daily activities.

Meanwhile, fibres can also be found in walls, splashbacks, vinyl floor tiles, ceilings, a backing of vinyl sheet flooring and underlay sheeting for ceramic tiles in the kitchen. Since we do many activities in both rooms, it is not impossible that we disturb fibrous materials when we are doing our daily activities.


As we already know, ACMs are dangerous. Besides risking your health, there are some disadvantages that you might face because your house has fibrous materials. So, it is better to do asbestos testing in your house.

Here are some interesting facts about ACMs:

1. Fibrous materials lower your property’s value

Asbestos in a property causes more harm than good. Besides threatening your health, it can also decrease your property’s value by 50 percent. Moreover, your building can no longer be rented. Also if your property already occupied, the tenants need to vacate for a certain period of time if friable fibres become airborne.

You may get tax deduction if you own a contaminated property. Read more about tax deduction here:

2. You may get fined for non-compliance

Australia has strict regulations on asbestos since it has one of the highest rate of ACM-related disease in the world. If a building is contaminated by fibrous materials, a property manager or a landlord has a responsibility to assure that it will cause no harm to building occupants. Thus, if you fail to identify the presence and location of ACMs at the premise, you may get fined and face penalties. Asbestos management plan guide here.

The government demands the property owner to create and keep an asbestos register when ACMs are identified. Warning signage must also be placed at the contaminated area. For a non-compliance act, the fine ranges from $720 for individuals and up to $3,600 for business.

Asbestos testing should be performed by a licensed contractor since this process is complex and dangerous. If you try to do a DIY attempt on this job, you may get a penalty as high as $354,264, plus a daily penalty of 1200 penalty units for each day of the offence continues after conviction.

Don’t risk your health and safety! you may contact our endorsed contractors to perform fibre identification works. Asbestos Geelong Watch will help you find trusted contractors who provide exceptional services.


Secure your life with asbestos testing Geelong services

It is clear that jobs related to asbestos are not something to take lightly. Our contractor’s members are A-Class license, highly skilled and trained; they can do the job safely and in accordance with regulations.

Our licensed removalists will do sampling in the suspected area and do a safe removal job. The samples will be analysed in an accredited laboratory. You will receive a report once the testing process is done.

After sampling, all equipment and also the area should be decontaminated properly. Our endorsed contractors will put the contaminated equipment in sealed bags and labeled them as disposal waste. It will be disposed of in a legal facility that has been approved by the government or the local council.

Our approved assessors will supervise and check the process to make sure everything is handled according to government safety standards.

Why contact our members?

  • Our approved contractors are highly skilled and experienced: We only endorse knowledgeable, highly skilled and experienced contractors to provide accurate fibre testing for you. Our surveyor will come to your house and do a thorough inspection and test the existence of fibrous materials within your property. They are well-equipped with modern tools and sampling kits to do the sampling process – safely and cleanly.
  • They are selectively chosen: Finding an ideal contractor can be quite challenging. We simplify this for you by providing qualified and reliable contractors. Our approved members are selectively chosen. They are trained, experienced, and have great skills. They will conduct a professional asbestos testing Geelong work at great costs.
  • Fast accurate job estimates to help you plan: Our endorsed contractors will make a clear written control plan that will only be executed with your approval to make the job effectively and efficiently. Rest assured you will understand the real situation of ACMs in your property and the appropriate action to take.
  • All the work will be done in the safest manner and with absolute care: Your health and safety are our main priority. All the work will be done in a safe manner and in accordance with national, state and local guidelines. Through years, our A-Class licensed contractors provided all clients with a full support from start to finish.

Steps to test for deadly fibres

Our approved members provide extensive services, starting from sampling process to the legal dumping process.

1. Performing sample collection

Fibres can not be seen by naked eyes, it means that you have to test the suspected materials in a laboratory to get an accurate result. Only a certified assessor can do the analysis.

If you believe that you have ACMs on your property, our approved members will do a thorough inspection there. Then, our removalist will come to your place to collect samples. The sample will be brought to an accredited laboratory for an accurate analysis.

asbestos sampling and testing in Geelong

2. Dumping process in legal facilities

All the equipment that are used must be disposed of correctly as those are already contaminated by fibres. The equipment will be sealed in air-tight bags and labeled as “toxic waste”. The bulk sample will also be disposed along with the equipment.

Our members provide transport and they will also do the disposal process. Our endorsed contractors will contact the local council to locate the nearest legal landfill site to do the disposal process properly. They will hand you the report to ensure that waste was disposed of legally.

Our approved members are professional and reliable. They are committed to provide high quality services at competitive prices. Don’t wait! Call our A-Class licensed contractors now to get free quotes and quality asbestos testing Geelong services.